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LEADERS and THE ACT_ North Korea: War with US would come with ‘intensity of violence’ we haven’t seen in decades



North Korea: War with US would come with ‘intensity of violence’ we haven’t seen in decades

April 4, 20177:21am

VIDEO: Former US Defense secretary confident that a Korean war would 'be the defeat of North Korea'

Debra Killalea and AFP ,

BARACK Obama’s former defence secretary has warned war with North Korea is possible, but it would come with “an intensity of violence” we haven’t seen in decades.

Speaking to ABC News’ Martha Raddatz on This Week, Ash Carter said he believed a pre-emptive strike on Pyongyang could see Kim Jong-un attempt to invade South Korea.

While Mr Carter said he was confident the US would emerge victorious, the resulting war would be violent and intense.

“It’s quite possible that they would as a consequence of that launch … attempt an invasion of South Korea,” he told Raddatz.

“As I said I’m confident of the outcome of that war, which would be the defeat of North Korea.

“But, Martha, I need to caution you, this is a war that would have ... an intensity of violence associated with it that we haven’t seen since the last Korean War.”

Mr Carter, a physicist and former Harvard University professor of Science and International Affairs, also called for caution in any approach taken with North Korea.

“Seoul is right there on the borders of the DMZ, so even though the outcome is certain, it is a very destructive war,” he said. “And so one needs to proceed very carefully here.”


VIDEO: Trump says US can 'solve' North Korea



Mr Carter said the Obama and previous US administrations had appealed for China to put more pressure on Pyongyang to end its nuclear weapons program.

However he said China was reluctant to do so in case it led to war or the collapse of North Korea which would result in a unified Korea and its allies on its border.


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