Thursday, April 27, 2017

OPINION_ Obama shamefully lines pockets with $400K for Wall Street speech


Obama shamefully lines pockets with $400K for Wall Street speech

By Brent Budowsky, opinion contributor
- 04/27/17 01:40 PM EDT


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It has now been revealed that former President Barack Obama is receiving a $400,000 fee to give a paid speech to Wall Street trading and investment firm Cantor Fitzgerald. Has he no shame?

Lets agree about one thing regarding Obama: he sure gives great speeches! Remember his speeches about "hope and change" and "change we can believe in" that moved the nation in the 2008 campaign?

What Obama did not include in his 2008 speeches about "change we can believe in" was that, while he was lifting spirits of voters with rousing oratory about change, he was raising a lot of money from big banks and Wall Street firms and planning to repay their support by naming Timothy Geithner as Treasury secretary almost immediately after his "change we can believe in" campaign triumphed at the polls.



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