Wednesday, June 07, 2017

DO NOT LISTEN to WHAT communists SAY, LET WATCH CAREFULLY WHAT communists DO_ Australian sovereignty under threat from influence of China's Communist Party


Australian sovereignty under threat from influence of China's Communist Party

Four Corners By Nick McKenzie, Chris Uhlmann, Richard Baker and Sashka Koloff

Updated Tue at 10:58am

Photo: Photo: A five-month investigation reveals the extent of Beijing's influence in Australian politics and Chinese communities. (Reuters: Damir Sagolj)

The defence and intelligence community believes that attempts by the Chinese Communist Party to exert its influence in Australia pose a direct threat to our nation's liberties and its sovereignty.

Key points:

* A joint Four Corners-Fairfax investigation reveals Beijing is active in Australia across an array of fronts

* The former Defence secretary and ASIO's chief have both voiced concerns about foreign interference in Australia

* The interference campaign is especially active on university campuses and in the Chinese-language media in Australia

That fear has been confirmed by a five-month-long Four Corners-Fairfax investigation which shows Beijing is active across a vast array of fronts — from directing Chinese student associations, threatening Australian-based Chinese dissidents, seeking to influence academic inquiry, co-opting community groups and controlling most Chinese-language media.

And Monday night's Four Corners program will track the millions in opaque Chinese-linked donations to show how it buys access and influence in Australian politics.



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