Tuesday, June 20, 2017

OPINION_ US plane manufacturers just won the Paris air show



US plane manufacturers just won the Paris air show

by Tom Rogan
| Jun 20, 2017, 2:46 PM

US plane manufacturers just won the Paris air show


Every year, the global aircraft industry gathers in Paris. It's a chance to network, discuss new technologies, and make big purchases.

United States manufacturers were the stars of this week's show. They gave us a pathway to creating hundreds of thousands of new manufacturing jobs in the U.S.

On the military front, Lockheed Martin impressed attendees with an F-35 fighter jet display. Following cost overruns and other problems, the F-35 needed to put on a good show. Put simply, prospective purchasers wanted assurance that buying F-35s wouldn't be an expensive waste of their money.

In Monday's display, they got that confidence booster. After all its problems, the F-35 performed exceptionally. It illustrated high-end maneuvering and versatility in rapid speed transitions. Those characteristics give investors confidence that the F-35's dogfighting (close in combat) and close air support (supporting troops on the ground) capabilities are up to par. And for F-35 investors, par is "better than any other fighter on Earth".

The display seems to have paid off. According to Reuters, Lockheed is now close to signing $37 billion in F-35 purchase deals with 11 different nations. That's good news for thousands of U.S. workers who work in the F-35 production line. But it's also good news for U.S. security. As I've noted, for all its delays and struggles, the F-35 affords confidence of air superiority in a prospective conflict with China or Russia.

Still, Lockheed wasn't the only U.S. winner in Paris.

Boeing also won big. Upgrading its latest market forecast, Boeing predicted more than 41,000 new aircraft orders over the next 20 years. If that holds true, it will be worth more than $6 trillion to the U.S. company. The market reflects this: Boeing's stock has risen 8 points in the last week.

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