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WORLD_ SYRIA_ Why Bashar al-Assad is still in power


Syria's Civil War

4 October 2016

Why Bashar al-Assad is still in power

Rhetorical bait and switch enabled Assad to neglect political reform while cultivating support among wealthy elite.

Zoe Hu

Assad was portrayed as an accidental president with no previous political ambitions [Getty Images]

In January 2011, citizens across Egypt and Tunisia began demonstrating against their governments. Their calls for change swelled into a collective outrage that, in Tunisia, quickly pushed the president into exile. Before the year's famous spring had even begun, popular unrest was shaking some of the most entrenched regimes in the region. But it had not yet touched Syria.



With the death toll of Syria's civil war today around 400,000, Assad's past rhetoric of change and "the people" now takes on a pall of cruel irony.


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