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OPINION_ Reps. McCaul, Goodlatte: Better border security and immigration enforcement is on the way



Reps. McCaul, Goodlatte: Better border security and immigration enforcement is on the way

By Michael McCaul, Rep. Bob Goodlatte

Published August 07, 2017 Fox News

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President Trump says the border wall needs 'transparency'

Over the last six months the Trump administration has made good on its promise to enhance border security and enforce our immigration laws. In the first half of 2017, illegal border crossings fell by an estimated 70 percent. It is very reassuring to know that President Obama’s reckless immigration policies are now over. An Executive Branch that is dedicated to fixing the problems along our southern border and actually enforcing our laws not only deters future illegal immigration, but is also absolutely necessary to protecting our homeland.

However, we are constantly reminded that our borders and our immigration laws are still being exploited, including by those who are intent on doing Americans harm. For example, MS-13, a violent transnational gang controlled by members in El Salvador, has aggressively recruited minors who entered illegally at our southern border during recent surges of illegal immigration. Known for its brutal tactics of rape, theft, and homicide, this gang now has tens of thousands of members in cities all across the United States.

These dangers are not always brought on by transnational gangs however. In late July, a 65-year-old woman from Portland, Oregon, was assaulted by an illegal immigrant armed with a knife. The assailant had been previously deported over a dozen times. How did this man keep sneaking into our country and why are some localities undermining the enforcement of our immigration laws and their communities’ safety?

Further, nine illegal immigrants were recently found dead in a sweltering tractor-trailer parked outside of a Walmart in Texas. Tragically, dozens more were sent to a nearby hospital; some with life-threating conditions. They were the victims of a heinous human smuggling operation.



We cannot be a safe nation if we have porous borders and our laws are not being fully enforced.



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