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APPLE and Communist China_ Power And Billion Of Dollars: Apple’s Deal With Communist China, And Why They Did It​



Members of the media film the new iPhone 7 at an Apple store in Beijing, China, September 16, 2016. REUTERS/Thomas Peter/File Photo

Power And Billion Of Dollars: Apple’s Deal With Communist China, And Why They Did It​

Eric Lieberman and Ryan Pickrell
5:05 PM 08/13/2017

One of the world’s largest technology conglomerates has amassed significant power and billions of dollars from its deals in China, a country often firmly opposed to the values the company’s leadership regularly espouses domestically.

Apple Inc. made headlines recently for capitulating to the Chinese government while its CEO argues against President Donald Trump’s agenda at home. However, the company sold its soul to Beijing decades ago when it moved much of its manufacturing and assembly processes to China from other parts of Asia. Pursuing profit and power, the company made arrangements with the only country that could help it become what it is today, even if doing so potentially conflicted with certain company values.



Apple’s CEO Tim Cook, who defends progressive liberal causes, has made significant concessions to Beijing over the past year, in many cases that contribute to the suppression of human rights and internet freedom. Apple has repeatedly yielded ground to the Chinese government, caving to its demands, even as Beijing engages in unethical business practices to drive the tech company out of the country and reduce its market share. (RELATED: While Trashing Trump, Apple Is Selling Its Soul To Do Business In China).

Cook, who sits on the board of a human rights foundation, played an important role in moving Apple’s production and assembly activities to China. Since Apple jumped in bed with China, it has made billions of dollars in profits and built an enormous technology empire.


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