Thursday, July 27, 2017

NORTH SINAI EXPLOSION_ Security checkpoint: Deadly bomb blast caught on video


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Security checkpoint: Deadly bomb blast caught on video

July 27, 2017  3:08pm

The moment a car bomb exploded and killed seven civilians at a security checkpoint has been captured on video.


A VIDEO of an army tank driving over a car occupied by IS suicide bombers and 100kg of explosives before a deadly blast has been released.

The tank crew moved into action when they realised the car was on a suicide mission and lives were at risk near a military security checkpoint in North Sinai.

Along with three army vehicles, the Egyptian army tank tried to block the car but when it continued to move forward the tank rolled over it, crushing the occupants, in a bid to save lives.

Seven civilians, including two children, were killed when the car bomb exploded but the quick thinking of the tank crew appears to have averted a much higher death toll.

The explosion happened 200 metres from its military target, “when an Egyptian soldier used a tank to stop the vehicle,” according to an Egyptian army statement.



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